How can I clean the blinds


Venetian blinds are very convenient zebra blinds manufa […]

Venetian blinds are very convenient zebra blinds manufacturers window covers. You can easily buy venetian blinds online and install them in a few simple steps. However, cleaning it can be a bit more challenging. But with the right cleaning tools and know-how, the venetian blinds you bought online will be as good as new.Maintenance cleaning can help keep your venetian blinds in good condition. Once a week, lightly dust off your blinds on both sides. Shut your blinds closed and then wipe it with a cloth. Slightly wet the cloth with water or cleaning spray to make it more effective.

Shut your blinds in a different direction to clean the part that the other slat covered. You can also use a small vacuum cleaner for maintenance cleaning. Attach a small brush on the hose and lightly run over the slats. Just be careful because some vacuums can damage your blinds.If your venetian blinds have not been cleaned for years, then a thorough cleaning is in order. Remove the blinds from the window tracking. If you dont know how, you can call up the online company where you bought your venetian blinds and ask for instructions. Soak your blinds in a bathtub filled with water.

Add a cleaning solution like bleach or dish detergent and leave it for an hour or more. Vinegar is also effective for cleaning blinds. It will drive away the grime without corroding the blinds. Scrub the slats using a soft brush to quicken the cleaning time. Drain the water when the dirt has loosened from the blinds, then rinse it thoroughly using a hand-held shower. Lean your blinds on its side and let the water drip. Once the excess water has been removed, take the blinds outside and let it air dry. You can use a hair dryer for faster drying.

Wipe it with a dry towel to remove remaining water. Your venetian blinds are clean as new and you can now rehang it on your window. Keep the blinds open to remove any moisture left. This cleaning procedure is only advisable for metallic or synthetic polymer blinds. For wooden blinds, use a dry rug to wipe the slats weekly, as moisture and dampness can damage the wood.Cleaning your blinds regularly can save you the trouble of deep cleaning it. The venetian blinds online you can buy have a warranty that lasts for several years. You can help maintain its quality by keeping it clean and cleaning it the right way.

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