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Roller blinds are roller blinds manufacturers an excell […]

Roller blinds are roller blinds manufacturers an excellent way to dress your windows. It is a piece of fabric that is wrapped around a casing and is fitted into the upper part of your window frame. This can be done both on the outside of your windows or on the inside. Most roller blinds are operated by a cord that is attached to the bottom of the blind. Some have a winding chain that is attached to the blind’s casing. Motorized roller blinds are also growing in their popularity.Roller blinds are counted among the most versatile kinds of blinds that you can buy in the market. They are available in a huge variety of colors, textures and finishes.


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You can pick the one that best suits your environment and décor. They also come in flame retardant, moisture resistant and blackout varieties. Choose from the endless varieties of roller blinds to instantly transform the look and feel of your room.The orientation of the roller blinds is often the topic of debate when it comes to the installation of these. There is no one perfect way to the way roller blinds go. Read on to know more about the topic before deciding which way is the perfect way to install roller blinds for you.In reality, the choice of whether to choose standard roll or reverse roll us is all a matter of personal taste and preference. There are some pros and cons that come with each orientation of the fabric.


If your question is can you change the direction of a roller blind after installation, the answer is yes. Once you choose a particular fabric orientation, you need not stick to it forever. You can change it when the need arises with a minimal amount of effort and the most basic of tools in your toolbox.Reverse roll, also called an under roll or front roll is when the roller blind fabric opens forwards towards the room. In this case, the fabric is positioned away from the window. To have a better idea, imagine a waterfall. There are many benefits of choosing this style.The front roll will hide the hardware and the top part of the window.If you have a window recess, you may want to install the roller blind in an inside mount.


In such cases, this orientation of the fabric will help you clear obstructions like keys, locks and handles.The disadvantage to this style is that doing this will give you gaps between the fabric and the windows. In day time, this gap may allow light to pass through and you will not achieve a full blackout. A reverse roll roller blind is therefore best suited for living areas and areas that do not require much privacy.A standard roll or back roll is when the fabric of your roller blind is placed backward on the tube. In this style of fabric orientation, the fabric is placed very close to the windows. This style comes with a set of advantages and disadvantages.

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