Cleaning process of various blinds


Blinds act as the most popular window covering that add […]

Blinds act as the most popular window covering that adds zebra blinds fabric decorative punch to your home while providing privacy and control on light. If you are wondering how to clean and maintain your blinds, here we have mentioned a few tips that will help you to maintain your blinds in good condition. Fabric Blinds Pleated, Roman, Roller And Cellular You can use a blow dryer set on cool. With it, you can blow away dirt or bugs caught in the honeycombs, rolls or creases. You can also thoroughly vacuum the blinds with the dust brush of your vacuum cleaner.

If your vacuum cleaner has a low setting, use it to decrease the possibility of damaging the blinds. If fabric blinds are stained, dampen a microfiber cloth and blot the stain away. Use a little fabric detergent for set-in stains. Let the blinds dry completely before raising them. If they badly stained, take them to a dry cleaner. Vertical Blinds Clean vertical blinds online using the same method as for faux-wood blinds, unless they re fabric, and then use the directions for cleaning fabric blinds.

For a quick pick-me-up between cleanings, use a lint roller on the slats  it will quickly pick up cobwebs and dust. Venetian Blinds Its easiest to clean aluminium and vinyl blinds by washing them in the tub in a little bit of Dawn and warm water. Let them soak then scrub them gently with a sponge a sponge mop makes particularly quick work of this task. Drain the water, refill the tub and let them soak again to remove any remaining grime. Then drain the tub again and put the blinds on towels to dry. You can also hang them from a clothesline or dry them on towels on the lawn.

Let them dry completely before rehanging them. Faux-Wood Blinds Clean faux-wood blinds using the same method as wood blinds, but skip the wood conditioner. Instead, when theyve been cleaned, run a fabric softener sheet over each slat. This will prevent dust build-up for several months. When the magical dust-repelling properties have stopped working, simply wipe the blinds with a new cloth. Wipe wood blinds with a damp cloth dipped in vinegar. Not only does vinegar cut through dirt, it also a natural antimicrobial. Wipe the blinds dry immediately to prevent warping or discolouring. Condition them with a wood conditioner to protect them against sun damage. 

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