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Window window blind Factory treatments are integral to […]

Window window blind Factory treatments are integral to the style statement of any home décor. That’s why the choice of blinds can make or break the appeal of your room as they not only block out excessive sunlight and provide you more privacy, but they also constitute the fundamental and functional ingredient of decking up any window. You can enhance these benefits of blinds even more by layering them with curtains.. In fact, curtains introduce an element of finesse and elegance to the blinds. But to make a distinctive design, you should be careful in choosing color, pattern, or texture of the curtains so that they blend with blinds as well as the decor in the rest of your home.Blinds complemented by curtains help you add a distinctive aura to your room. Whether you choose vertical blinds, wood faux wood blinds, cellular blinds, venetian blinds or plain simple shutters, the right kind of curtains help give a complete, contemporary and chic look to your windows.Plantation shutters keep you in control of the flow of sunlight and privacy; they offer privacy from the outside while allowing you to let the required amount of light in.


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They not only provide an excellent defense against the sun but are quite durable and simple to operate too. Enhancing the value of your home, they can be easily adjusted to let in more or less light. They are highly energy-efficient as they help insulate windows and doors.Plantation Shutters are self-sufficient as address all your window-related concerns. They look stunning by themselves and you can forego plans of drapes to complement these shutters. Shutters look beautiful in any room and with their light controlling and privacy features they are a great choice of window treatment.However, this does not mean that you cannot combine them with drapes. When you drape the shutters with curtains, they make for a vintage-inspired interior and make the window a focal point of the room. You can choose bold prints for curtains to juxtapose them with your window shutters to make a stunning picture.


Whether you go for them in living rooms, bedrooms, or studies, you can make a distinct style statement, thanks to the look and privacy plantation shutters have to offer, and the design flexibility that comes with curtains. Drapes and curtains have a luxurious appeal oozing grace and elegance. Adding them to any other window treatment will only enhance their aesthetic appeal apart from adding functional value. Since Shutters address your privacy concerns you can experiment with drapes.Plantation shutters make for an excellent choice for the bedroom where you wish to maximize privacy and control of light. These shutters snugly cover your windows and impart them with a chic look. To embellish the look of your windows, you can layer these blinds with sheer curtains. The result is incredible as these curtains create a magical effect with subtle hues.It is ideal to combine formal printed patterns of plantation shutters with subtle shades of sheer curtains.


The patterns of curtains can be matched to the wall for an ultimate symmetry. Sheer curtains enliven the entire wall by creating an awesome feel with incredible finesse and a nice play of colors.Plantation shutters are very much preferred for bathroom windows too as they provide much-needed privacy. Easy to pull up and down, these blinds insulate the space against the extreme cold and heat. When blended with pretty curtains, these blinds dress up the bathroom to impart it a soft, subtle look. Take care to choose curtains that mix and match with shutters in your bathroom. A choice of matching curtains will no doubt uplift the beauty of your bathroom.If chosen correctly, curtains do not distract from the plantation shutters, but rather help to frame and emphasize or enhance the window. The use of right kind of curtains comes particularly handy in case of motorized blinds that can be used to control the workings of your window treatments with a voice command. You can raise or lower your blinds as per the temperature, light, and time of the day to complement with the curtains selected by you.

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