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Choosing zebra window curtains the right window treatme […]

Choosing zebra window curtains the right window treatments has become a daunting task in the last few decades. There are endless options available to choose from. But if you want to truly style up your interior in a sophisticated way, then curtains are an elegant choice to go for. Customizing them from a variety of colors and texture options will offer a designer-worthy appeal that your windows deserve. Now, you may have chosen the best curtain and curtain rod after spending lots of time researching in order to create a magnificent aesthetic.But if you want to elevate the look of the windows to the next level, then you need to consider some additional accessories that can make or break the look and vibes of your entire indoor. So it’s essential to select quality hardware that coordinates with not only your curtains or curtain rods but also with your living space. There are several such elements that can transform the windows in an elegant way.


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But among all, finials are an amazing choice because of their unique shapes and look. You can easily choose the style as per your needs, from formal to casual whatever look you want, create them with these decorative finials. If you are choosing finials for your kid’s rooms then you can opt for themed finials as well, like animals, basketballs, etc. On a final note, these finials are timeless beauties and never fail to impress when it comes to window decor.Finials are endpieces attached to the ends of a curtain rod that are used to change the architectural design of the windows and overall home interior. They not only look mesmerizing on the windows but also serve functional purposes too. They prevent the curtains from slipping off the ends of the curtain rods. They come in a variety of designs, colors, and finishes to complement your window style.


Read on to know the ways of choosing finials for your curtain rodsIf you are planning to buy finials for enhanced beauty and functionality, then there are multiple things to consider including material type, color, and finishing. Check out the below facts before you get them home. Select a material that will match your curtain rods. Most rods come in wood, metal, brass and nickel material. For example, you can go for nickel or glass finials for nickel rods or wood finials for wooden curtain rods. It’s up to you how you want to match them to create uniformity.Both finials and curtain rods come in endless colors and finishing touches. So, customize accordingly so that both of them complement each other.


A perfect coordinated appearance always improves the aura and grace of space in an astounding way. For example  while colored glass and acrylic finials match well with silver-toned curtain rods while black finials go with black curtain rods. There is no hard and fast rule for this, be creative and play with all the hue tones and create a cheerful look as per your preferences. Besides color options, you need to think about the finial design or style as well because they harmonize the entire look of your curtain rod and hardware.Integrating finials with the curtain rods is extremely easy and simple. Before you get started, make sure the size of the finial and curtain rod width are similar. Use screws to fix the finial but sometimes, they may not require any screws as well.If you like transformation and want to change the aesthetics in the near future, then you can easily remove the finials from the rod and create your own desired look.

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