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Our gorgeous new windows will be arriving soon: 26 of t […]

Our gorgeous new windows will be arriving soon: 26 of them with black vinyl exteriors and white interiors.While we are still a couple of weeks away from being ready to install them, I can’t help but daydream of the major boost this change will give our new old home’s curb appeal. The classic brick on the exterior will be modernized with the new black windows and a new black roof and dark grey trim, to complement it.

The anticipation of this next step in our remodel roller blinds suppliers also brings my focus toward something I have been avoiding making decisions about: window coverings.Many people don’t even think about their window coverings, they might just stick with whatever blinds their home comes with and never consider them again. But window treatments are a very expressive design element, and spending a little time and a little bit of money switching them up is a huge way to add personality to your home.

We’ve got a lot of windows to cover and the sheer volume of options is daunting, even for a designer like me. Wood blinds, faux wood blinds, woven roller shades, roman shades, bamboo blinds, cellular shades. Drapes or no drapes? Blackout or light filtering? Cordless or motorized? Does every single window need to be covered? It’s made even more confounding when I consider the fact that this is likely our forever home, and I don’t want to pick from either just the least expensive options or simply what’s in stock at Home Depot.

I also want to be budget sensitive at this stage in the remodel because, not surprisingly, most facets of it have cost slightly more than expected.Well, the more I dig, the more honed my vision for the windows has become, but it took quite a bit of research to make it down to my final choices. Switching up your window coverings is an excellent way to freshen your decor, and it can be done on a budget. Here are all of the things to consider if you are in search of new window treatments for your home.

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