What color curtain is most beneficial to health


The vertical curtain is named roller shades factory bec […]

The vertical curtain is named roller shades factory because the blades are suspended vertically on the upper rail, and can be freely dimmed left and right to achieve the purpose of shading. According to different materials, it can be divided into: PVC vertical curtain, fiber fabric vertical curtain, aluminum alloy vertical curtain and bamboo and wood vertical curtain. According to different operation methods, it is divided into: manual vertical curtain, electric vertical curtain. According to the appearance, it can be divided into: straight vertical curtain and curved rail vertical curtain.


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The characteristics of various colors constitute the basic treatment trend of each color. Therefore, the choice of curtain color has an important impact on health. For example, cream-yellow walls should be equipped with light brown curtains, and brown furniture can be equipped with warm red curtains, such as light red, which will give people a beautiful and lively feeling. The light can be adjusted from different angles, so that the indoor environment is harmoniously arranged, and you can still enjoy the outdoor scenery while closing the curtains to block the sunlight.


Larger bedrooms use light brown curtains to reduce the feeling of openness. Light orange curtains are used in the living room of the elderly, which can invigorate people and make them happy. Newlyweds should choose bright and strong curtains to add a festive atmosphere to the room. If the owner of the bedroom suffers from hypertension or heart disease, lay light blue curtains to help the blood pressure drop and the pulse return to normal.


For those with unstable moods and irritability, tender green curtains should be used in the living room to relax the spirit and relieve tension. Generally speaking, the colors of curtains are mostly light colors. In addition, in the spring and summer seasons, the temperature is relatively higher. The color of the curtains should be fresh and elegant, and the texture should be thinner fabrics. In the autumn and winter seasons, the temperature will drop and the weather will be cold. Thick fabrics should be selected.

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