What is the correct way to hang blinds


Blinds are a practical venetian blinds suppliers window […]

Blinds are a practical venetian blinds suppliers window treatment solution for your gorgeous windows. They are extremely functional, loaded with features and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. They help to prevent energy losses in the house; they keep interiors cool and pleasant, preserve your privacy, blocks out the harmful UV rays of the sun and the glares that cause irritation to the eyes. They are easy to install and maintain. The functionality of the blinds also depends upon how well they are installed. Improper hanging of the blinds can greatly reduce their effectiveness and make them dysfunctional. The process of installation isn’t as tough as it sounds. Rather than spending bucks on getting professional assistance you can even try doing it yourself.Blinds as we all know can be inside or outside mount depending upon your need and also depth of your windows. Inside mount blinds are installed inside the window frame and it is possible only if windows have a substantial depth.


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Outside mounts are installed outside the window frame on the wall and cover the whole windows. They are better equipped to block out the light gaps. The fit of your blinds will depend upon whether you want inside or outside mount. The type of mounting brackets will also vary.Measurements are the key for ensuring a good fit for your blinds. If measurements are incorrect, installation will be faulty and you will not get the look that you want for the blinds. It will also affect functionality.if you are opting for outside mount, measure the outside edges of the window casing that surrounds the windows. Measure the length of the casing from top to bottom.if you are opting for inside mount, you need to take measurements inside the casing spanning the width/area the blind or shade would be installed in. Measure the width of the window at the top, bottom and centre. If there are any differences in the measurements go with the smallest one.Place order for your blinds based on the measurements you have taken.


Double-check the measurements to avoid misunderstandings and to ensure that the blinds make the perfect fit for your windows. Make choice of the type of blind you want. You can choose from vinyl, PVC, aluminium, and wood blinds based on your preferences and need. Many blinds come in standard sizes and you can get them custom-cut or made to meet your needs. For uniquely sized windows you will have to get them ordered.Once you receive your order go through the package to ensure that you have everything that is needed including the instruction manual. It is a good idea to go through the manual to get an idea of what are provided and what needs to be done. Make sure that you have a drill and pencil handy.The mounting brackets are those which need to be installed for hanging the blinds. They need to be fitted properly and for that you need to make the markings for the holes.


For outside mount blinds, hold the blind up to ensure that the headrail is centred. Make pencil markings below the headrail on either side of the casing. For inside mounts you need to hold the headrail inside the casing even if the windows are not at a level, make sure that your headrail is. Make pencil markings on either end of the headrail.There are two open sides in a bracket. One should face you and the other should face towards the window centre. Hold the brackets where you want to place them and make marking of the places where you want to drill the pilot holes. Choose two diagonal holes to make the brackets make a sturdy fit. For outside mount the brackets must be placed on the outside face of the window casing. For inside mount blinds place the brackets against the inside top corner of each side of the window.Your brackets will come with two screws. If you are drilling into wood then you need to use a 1/16 inch diameter drill bit. If you are drilling into materials like concrete, brick, stone, or plaster use appropriate screws, plugs and anchors and follow the instructions well. hold the bracket in place and drill in the screws.

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