What styles of curtains are there


According to its appearance and function, it can be div […]

According to its appearance and function, it can be divided into: roller blind, pleated blind, vertical blind and blind.

1. The roller shutter window blind Factory can be retracted freely. It can be divided into: man-made fiber roller blinds, wood-burning roller blinds, bamboo roller blinds. Among them, the man-made fiber roller blind is woven by a special process, which can pass the strong solar radiation, transform the indoor light quality, and has the effects of anti-static and fire prevention.

2. Folding curtains can be divided into: blinds, day and night curtains, honeycomb curtains and pleated curtains according to their functions. Among them, the honeycomb curtain has a sound absorption effect, and the day and night curtain can have any effect between light transmission and light transmission.

Basic zebra blinds AF

3. Vertical curtains can be divided into aluminum curtains and man-made fiber curtains according to their different fabrics.

4. The blinds are generally divided into wooden hundred pages, aluminum hundred pages, bamboo hundred pages, etc. The biggest feature of the blinds is that the light can be adjusted at different angles, so that the natural light in the room is rich in changes.
There are principles for choosing environmentally friendly curtains: the simpler the process and the fewer the patterns, the less pollutants it contains. When buying, look at the patterns first, and choose light colors as much as possible. The risk of exceeding the standard of formaldehyde and stains is small. Secondly, if the curtain smells pungent, it means that there are more dyes and formaldehyde residues. The test report can only be listed if qualified, and the merchant can be required to present it when purchasing.

If you must choose gorgeous and luxurious curtains, it is recommended to use a special fabric sealer for treatment, which can reduce the concentration of formaldehyde. Buy new curtains home, it is best to disperse the smell and wash it before use: more ventilation can disperse the formaldehyde of the material; after fully immersed in water and washed, it can not only reduce harmful substances, but also clean the dust stains contaminated during production and transportation , And then placed in a ventilated place in the sun.

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