How to get rid of wrinkles in curtains


Zebra blinds are a lavish way to dress up your doors an […]

Zebra blinds are a lavish way to dress up your doors and windows that give your home the ultimate style statement. They can pull off any interior style while adding a gorgeous and minimalist touch to every decor element present in your room. They are not only designed to create a lasting impression for your space, but they can also be as functional as you want them to be. They help in light filtration by diffusing the direct daylight and cutting out the glare and also provide insulation and privacy when needed. They are available in an array of colors, textures, and style options that improve the curb appeal of your home in a dramatic way.


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With the right style and fabricated window drapes, you can uplift the look of your arena while making a stunning impact. Though they create an eye-catching, elegant appeal, they can create issues as well. No matter what type of drape you choose, they can develop wrinkles due to various reasons. Window drapes always look neat and presentable with their mesmerizing appearance, but wrinkles can ruin the aesthetics completely, making them look unattractive and shabby. Thinking how to get wrinkles out of new drapes in order to bring their beauty back? In this article, we will show you the easiest and quickest ways to eliminate wrinkles from drapes before you hang them, and some helpful tips to maintain your previous hanging drapes.


Whatever drape design you have, following the below methods will help you to maintain the smoothness of your drapes while keeping the wrinkles out.Fill a clean spray bottle with the required water and spray it on the drape’s wrinkles and smooth out all the spots. Spray them until they are completely damp. Let the drapes dry at room temperature. You can use an equal mix of water and vinegar as well but that is optional.Use a wrinkle-release product on the drapes all over and smooth out the creases after a few hours.


Allow the drapes to air dry. If the drapes still appear wrinkles, then follow the same process until you get the resultsFill a steamer with water and point out the steamer nozzle at the drape wrinkles. Continue steaming all the wrinkled areas moving from the top of the drapes to the bottom. Let them dry in normal weather conditions. Check out the manufacturer’s instructions to learn how much water you need to pour into the steamer. Repeat the process if you still find creases on the drapes even after dryingIf you have an iron with a steam setting, then you can use it too for getting out the wrinkles. Fill the iron steamer with water and turn it on. Hold the iron up against the drapes but make sure to keep it in a distance. Let the iron to release steam and move it all over the drape wrinkles. Always start from the top and move towards the bottom for maximum efficiency. Make sure not to keep the iron in one place for a long time.

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