How to make the room completely dark


Blackout window blind are the easiest and economical wa […]

Blackout window blind are the easiest and economical way to shield your interior from annoying streetlight and sun glare. Nothing can break the versatility and smooth functionality of these coverings when it comes to block out light. Thick blackout fabrics prevent all unwanted rays and glare, making space completely black you are looking for. Most of the shades and blinds can be integrated with this fabric material that gives windows a crisp decorative look with a modern touch.


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Besides obstructing light, these shadings also act as the best insulators, keep the room at an ideal temperature and lower the energy bills. They also ensure maximum privacy for your rooms. You could opt for blackout shades or dual shades that look to integrate blackout shades with a sheer shade so that you can enjoy light when your want minus the glares and the harmful UV rays. Customize them with your choice of hues and textures and get the perfect black vibes along with a pleasing environment.There are few things you need to consider when you are planning to install blackout coverings:Opt for outside mounting instead of inside mounting as it gives the windows a complete coverage.


Getting the blind installed out of the window frame ensures extreme light blocking capabilities. You can also add extra inches to the height and width for full coverage. Inside mount blinds have to be a size smaller than the windows to fit into the frame and this creates light gaps along the edges through which light pours in.While customizing, choose light colors for your product as they are highly reflective and prevent the light before it hits the window glass.Found light gaps around the edges and above the window frame? Consider light blockers shaped piece of plastic to lower the risk of light leakages. They come in different lengths and you can trim them as per your window size.


There are U-Channels and L-Channels available that help to seal off light along the sides and sill of the window. These are great if you have inside mount blinds. They are incredibly functional and practical and mount them tightly against the window to get maximum benefits.Get the ultimate blackout effect by layering window treatments. Hang drapery panels or other blackout blinds over the existing window treatment to maximize efficiency. Pairing is versatile and adds another styling dimension to the room.Before you get a dressing, make sure to get the right measurement of the window frame in order to achieve the right fit. Right fit is extremely important to ensure best coverage for your windows.Attach additional blackout liner to double up the power of making a room dark.

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