What to pay attention to when buying blinds for the first time


Curtains have blinds zebra for long dominated the windo […]

Curtains have blinds zebra for long dominated the window treatment space. They are classic beauties, easy to purchase and hang and a natural choice of window treatment for most. Over the years, however, blinds and shades have carved out a niche for themselves with excellent versatility and functional features. There are many who have made the shift to blinds and shades while many others are in the process of giving blinds a shot. As with any first all first time buyers, there are lots of doubts, queries and inhibitions. And we are here to help you overcome all these and try and make your transition as smooth and easy as possible.Blinds and shades are installed on your windows, either outside the window frame or inside. Shades are made of fabric and you have the liberty to choose from different types of fabric like light filtering and blackout. Blinds on the other hand are made of wood, aluminum, PVC, faux wood or even fabric.


High quality material zebra blinds


They come fitted with slats which can be adjusted for light control, privacy and light blockage. Blinds and shades are a fantastic choice for your windows. They help to cut out the glaring rays and UV rays of the sun, they allow diffused light to light up your space, they can help to block out light completely, protect privacy and security of your homes by cutting out the view from the outside apart from enhancing the aesthetic beauty and interest of your windows and the living space. They are available in a wide range of colors, textures and prints which helps them to blend seamlessly into the existing decor.Choosing the right blind for your windows is very important from a functional perspective as also from the perspective of aesthetics. Blinds have the power to transform the look and feel of the space. They can lift your mood, energize and refresh the ambiance of the house and help infuse positive vibes and create a cheerful and happy atmosphere. But for your blinds to perform their role, they must be chosen judiciously.


The first thing to keep in mind when choosing a blind for your home is that every room has specific needs which is different from the other. Hence the blind you choose for your bedroom will not work well for a bathroom or a kitchen. Bedrooms need complete light blockage for a good night’s rest and sleep. Living rooms must have proper light filtration as you spend a substantial amount of time here entertaining guests or just hanging out. Kitchens and bathrooms are high humidity areas and the blinds must be moisture-resistant. Once you recognize the different needs it will become easier to purchase blinds.You may have different lighting needs in different rooms. How much light you want, do you want much brightness or diffused light or complete light blockage? Shades come with different levels of light control. Light filtering fabric will help to spread diffused light in the room sans the glare and UV rays. Room darkening fabric will help to cut out a substantial amount of light allowing only some amount to enter. Sheer fabrics allow lots of light into the room but help to keep out the glares and harmful rays and preserve your view. Blackout fabrics on the other hand cut of 100% of the light through the fabric itself, offering darkness (you might still get some light gaps on the sides.


There are different decor styles ranging from minimalist and contemporary to medieval and traditional. Different styles mean different looks. Minimalist home decor promotes a minimalistic approach to home decor. Simple furniture, streamlines and sleek appearance, use of soft warm colors, etc. Traditional decor styles may use lots of frills, use of silk and velvet and use of rich and bold colors and textures. Determine your decor style before deciding on your blind and shade. For example, Roller Blinds are perfect for your contemporary style as they are smart and elegant. Roman Shades make a beautiful choice for traditional style with the use of heavy fabrics and frills etc.All blinds and shades need regular maintenance and cleaning. There are lots of shades to choose from but some may be more difficult to maintain than others. How much time and effort and you willing to spend on your window treatments? Do you have time to clean them regularly? Can the blinds be cleaned at home or do they need a professional intervention that will also incur expenditure?

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